Tesla chooses Mcwell's automatic smoke vent

Renowned multinational electric auto-maker Tesla chose Mcwell's linear automatic smoke vent  with "nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure" for its Chinese factory located in Shanghai. Among the numerous smoke ventilation system suppliers, Mcwell stood out for its unique products and wide breadth of project experience, and was ultimately chosen as the supplier of roof smoke vent skylights for Tesla's factory in China.

Tesla chooses Mcwell's automatic smoke vent
Tesla case

The linear automatic smoke vent chosen by Tesla for its factory in China features the "nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure" technology, which fundamentally resolves water leakage hazard common in other smoke vent skylights products and requires no maintenance in the future. The product supports connection with firefighting service and offers a multitude of functions including fire protection, smoke exhaust, ventilation and lighting. The outlet of linear natural vent is consistent with the roof opening, i.e., the ventilation and smoke exhaust area is consistent with the roof opening area, which maximizes the smoke exhaust efficiency of the roof's natural ventilation.

Taking into consideration the construction progress of the project, the Mcwell team scientifically organized the design, production, construction and installation to guarantee the timely and high-quality delivery of products, and both the process and the outcome have earned the trust of the project owner and contractor.

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