Design suppor

Design support

Experience in 1000+ large-scale projects, customized professional solutions for every project according to weather conditions and specific project requirements
Product support

Product support

Unique products, competitive differentiation, easier to develop markets and win orders.
Delivery support

Delivery support

Mcwell factory areas cover a space of 100,000㎡,And this ultra-large natural ventilation factory ensures timely supply
Training support

Training support

Provision of full-spectrum training on all aspects from product and quotation to installation so that your project execution may proceed without a hitch
Replication of successful sales experience

Replication of successful sales experience

A complete set of reproducible successful sales experience including offline marketing cooperation and network marketing

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National Building Standard Design Atlas 11CJ33 Ventilation and Lighting Ventilator
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Packing and shipping


MCWELL package has expert techniques and tools to protect your items for shipping. It is strong enough through layers of packing, you can enjoy buying without worrying about subsequent assembly problems.

MCWELL usually uses RTA (Ready to assemble)for natural ventillation packing. As to Fragile, we use cartons for packing and reinforce them with wooden frames to avoid breakage in transit.


If you have experience in international importing and exporting, you can solve the delivery & shipment problem by yourself. If not, we are happy to assist you. Learn about detailed delivery process below first:

  • 01.MCWELL Factory
    02.Export Transportation

    (Chinese Forwarder)

  • 03.Port of Loading

    (Export Customs Clearance)

    04.Ocean Shipping

    (Ship company)

  • 05.Port of Destination

    (Import Customs Clearance)

    06.Import Transportation

    (Local Forwarder)

  • 07.Customer Location

Through the process below, our customers only need to do 3 steps:

From Factory to Port of Loading
  • 1. Customer

    Offer your destination port address and contact information to Chinese forwarder

  • 2. MCWELL

    Offer volume and weight of the products to Chinese forwarder

  • 3. Chinese Forwarder

    Contact with ship company for the shipping space

  • 4. Chinese Forwarder

    Deal with export transportation. Arrange trucks to transfer the products from the factory to the origin port

  • 5. Chinese forwarder

    Deal with export customs clearance

  • 1. Chinese Forwarder

    Monitor the cargo status. Inform customer if any irregularity occurs with regard to the customs declaration

  • 2. MCWELL

    Offer customs clearance information to the customer or local forwarder

  • 3. Customer

    Confirm the arrival time of the goods with Chinese forwarder

During OceanShipping
When Arriving Destination Port
  • 1. Local Forwarder

    Deal with export customs clearance

  • 2. Local Forwarder

    Deal with transportation. Arrange trucks to transfer the products from destination port(warehouse) to customer’s designated location

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