nail-free and glue-free waterproof structure patented technology

Waterproof Structure

Natural ventilator with holistic waterproof structure eliminates water leakage hazard

Suffer from leaking ventilator

Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd.

During the construction of the factory complex of Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., Mcwell provided the majority of the ventilators, except for one factory building. But unfortunately for this exception, the ventilators leaked on rainy days. It was repaired repeatedly with silica gel application but the problem persisted, leading to serious losses. Finally, Chengdu Engine decided to ask Mcwell to remove the old ventilators from the other manufacturer and install new ones.

Ventilators supplied by Mcwell to Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd.

Holistic Waterproof Structure Technology

The natural ventilator supplied by Mcwell to Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., along with the new ventilators subsequently installed in 2011 by Mcwell to replace old ventilators produced by another manufacturer, were lauded by Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., who recommended Mcwell to other organizations within AVIC.

Ventilation products from another manufacturer were used for the Chengdu project of Chongqing Boao Industrial Co., Ltd. After the completion of the project, ventilators leaked repeatedly and amounted to significant losses for the owner. Soon afterwards, Chongqing Boao Industrial Co., Ltd. selected Mcwell's structurally waterproof ventilators without hesitation for their Chongqing project.

Ventilators supplied by Mcwell to Chongqing Boao Industrial Co., Ltd.

Eliminate water leakage hazard

Chongqing Boao Industrial Co., Ltd. had previously suffered from ventilators water leakage. By chance, Boao learned about Mcwell, the inventor of the structurally waterproof ventilation technology (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0593953.0). For its project in 2015, Boao ordered smoke and heat vents from Mcwell, which was followed by yet another cooperation in March 2016 for the Chongqing Company's III-phase project.

Chongqing Boao Industrial Co., Ltd.

What are the key points for the selection of ventilators?

Customers should carefully check the details of the samples of drainpipe, side flashing, end flashing and flashing board of the ventilation product, ascertain whether silica gel and adhesive tape are used or not, and make certain whether the ventilation product can completely rely on its own structure for waterproofing, i.e., automatic smoke vents is structurally waterproof.

Why does the ventilator leak?
Why couldn't the problem be solved after repeated maintenance?

● As a chemical material,gel-like substances such as silica gel are prone to aging and cracking.

● Due to the particularity of the application of silica gel as a sealer, it is hard to pinpoint problems before they appear, but once the gel cracks and there are leaks, repairing cannot fundamentally resolve the issue.

● Constant vibrations from equipment like cranes will accelerate the formation of cracks in silica gel, which paves the way for future water leakage.

● roof smoke ventilators have to bear large wind load, different wind directions and wind forces, all of which will act together and cause different deformations and displacements of panels, further intensifying the cracking of the silica gel.

● The steel panels sealed with gel-like substances will shift and displace, expand with heat and contract with cold, leading to cracks in the gel

● The gel-like substance is applied manually, and the quality of application is not consistent because of human factors such as varying technical level and sense of responsibility of the workers.

How could water leakage hazard from ventilator be eliminated?

The waterproof ability of ventilators used in roof system is a very important performance indicator. Since silica gel and adhesive tape used to fill seams and stop leaks tend to age and crack very soon and very easily, so what kind of natural ventilator can genuinely and effectively eliminate the hazard of water leakage?



Waterproof structure technology

There is no use of silica gel and adhesive tape to fill seams and stop leaks, which would mitigate water leakage hazard caused by aged and cracked silica gel and adhesive tape by ridding the source of the problem altogether.

Elimination of water leakage hazard

Structurally waterproof ventilator can truly satisfy requirements for rainproof performance.

Patent technology

The waterproof structure technology (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0593953.0) invented by Mcwell eliminates the hazard of water leakage and has been praised by the industry and customers.

Widely acclaimed

The waterproof structure technology has risen as the premier choice for roof ventilators and has gained a stellar reputation among project owners, design institutes and contractors.

Long lasting

The structurally waterproof ventilator relies on its own structure for waterproofing, and the service life of the waterproof structure is the same as that of building roof panel.
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